The 6″ Of Success

January 27, 2016 Gary No comments exist

The 6 inches of success resides in all of us, are you using yours to get what you want consistently?


You see, it's all about 'straight line thinking and action'


Straight line?


Yes, the shortest distance between any 2 points is a straight line! When I work with people I always advocate they take this approach when they want to improve their performance and motivation. They might be suffering from anxiety or maybe not doing so well with their sales.


The shortest distance approach works like this ... 1. define problem clearly 2. realise it's just a thought. 3. Take action to straight line your thoughts to where you want to be. 4. Take massive action to make it happen


Simple, but very effective in helping you change the course and quality of your life without the hype of uncomfortable process of 'therapy' which in most cases doesn't help


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