Thank You For Booking On The Thrive Programme

Please find below your reminders and next steps ...

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Welcome on  board Carrie and Michelle,


As a member of the RSVP VIP team package, you are now enrolled on the Thrive programme, where I'll arrange to visit with you to kick the programme off with a face to face coaching session followed by telephone/skype coaching sessions to guide you through your manual AND your personal thrive programme


If you have not yet ordered your manual from Amazon please click here now


Please remember, you are investing your time and RSVP's money in developing yourself, which in turn will develop the clients you work with plus a whole lot more


I ask everyone I work with to consider the following 3 points ...


Decide to commit 100%


Do ALL of the exercises involved in the programme and ...


Show up to all of your sessions


To arrange your first session call me on 07500907478 or drop me an email to:


I look forward to being your coach and supporter on your thrive journey


Gary Foster
Tel 07500 907 478