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Consultant Hypnotherapist

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You A Non-Smoker Now

With a specialised 12 step process, you can become a non-smoker with just one 90 minute session (92.7% succes rate)

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become calm, confident and motivated with courage with gary foster northants hypnosis and hypnotherapy

The Confident You

In just one, powerful session, you'll discover the 'confident you' that's inside of you with long lasting effects in all areas of your life

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Anxiety Free Now

Be amazed how quickly you can let go of your fears, worries, concerns and anxiety in just a few sessions

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"Dear Gary, I had no idea how powerful hypnosis would be and how wonderful my life would be as a result of just two sessions ... The black empty hole that was pulling me down all the time has disappeared and now I am able to enjoy life ~ Thank you for one of the most incredible gifts."

- Karen Kennedy