Change your beliefs to change your life

February 8, 2016 Gary No comments exist


Did you know that your beliefs are mainly ALL made up?


And if that is the case, if you have any ‘limiting beliefs’ that are holding you back in your life you can quickly change them to ’empowering ones’ by following a few simple rules


You see, ALL beliefs are made up from a series of rules. A belief is a certainty about something, often collaborated by feedback from others or what your world looks like around you


At one time, for most people, Santa Claus or the Toothe Fairy was real. So much so that emotionally it would have been impossible for the person ‘in belief’ to believe they weren’t real; that’s how powerful our minds are


However, as most readers know, they are not real … just figments of our imagination


And that’s where the first clue of success lies; in your imagination


The more you can REALLY imagine something, the more YOUR brain will wire itself to ‘believe’ it’s real


Your task over the next 10 days is to pick out a few of your limiting beliefs and begin to question them in your mind. To ask ‘is this belief helping me or getting in the way of my success? Once you know the answer either keep it, or replace it with a more empowering one AND then focus on that new belief each and every day, asking yourself ‘am I now doing what I have to be doing to enjoy this new belief?’


Do check in with me and let me know your success with this simple but very powerful life changing exercise by replying below


Look forward to hearing from you soon and do me a favour. If you’ve found this post useful and mind stimulating, please share with your friends and contacts


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