"Imagine sitting with a cup of coffee, letting your mind wander and realise you really can be successful in your business"

Well … Imagine no more because you’re invited to have a cup of coffee with me to discover your hidden treasures

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A personal letter, from the desk of Gary Foster (AKA The Business Hypnotist)


Hello business colleagues,


How many times have you thought “If only I could get my sales and marketing to work, I’d be able to live the dream called … being my own boss!”


Or …


Have you ever caught yourself feeling trapped, with no way out, because you just don’t know what to do to bring in more profitable business, or maybe even get that first client?


Or …


Has there ever been a time when other people have asked you “How’s business going?” and you’ve found yourself telling a miss-truth (others would say a lie) by responding “Oh things are going good, I’m very busy thanks” – However, you know that’s not entirely true and you’re saying it because you’re too embarrassed to admit you’re not busy at all!


Well, if you’ve suffered from one or more of the above or worse you still are – worry no more because you can now take action to steer yourself back on track and focus yourself in the right direction by meeting with me at one of my ‘Coffee with Gary Sessions’.


Let me explain … for many years I have consulted with 100’s of business owners, from all sorts of different industries and have found that a ‘concentrated meeting of minds of no more than 2 hours’ would reveal the hidden treasures they had BUT had not exploited them in the service of others.


Most of these ‘meetings’ were conducted not in my clients’ offices, but in various coffee houses up and down the country and as far afield as Nice, Kephalonia (at the bar!) and Prague.


They have produced some of the most amazing insights for my clients and now I’d like to help you get the same results too.


Before you contact me you might be thinking “How much will this cost Gary?”


Good question...


The answer … just £250 as an investment, covered by my ‘Delight Guarantee’ which is this:


“When you book your session and your payment is received you’ll be asked to send all of your marketing material to me along with links to your websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts so I can analyse what you are doing and give you hints, tips and techniques (some would say from the ‘dark side’ of marketing!) to maximise on everything you’re doing.

So long as you are highly delighted with your session and you can see how you’ll be able to apply the tips, hints and techniques to bring in more business, with your own efforts I deserve to be paid – however, if for any reason you’re not happy with ANY aspect of your session please let me know immediately so it can be put right for you. If you’re still not happy, you won’t owe me a penny and I’ll return your payment that same day.”


I can’t say fairer than that, Can I?


In fact, when we meet, I’ll walk you through a process that will highlight your uniqueness and how you articulate your promises and guarantees way above your competitors’ which will quickly turn your fee of just £250 into an investment that pays itself back again and again.


To get started, just click on the PayPal button below and we’ll get a date in the diary that suits us both as soon as is possible.


In delay there lies no plenty
~ William Shakespeare.