February 28, 2016

Your 45 Second Promoting You

  At the various business meetings I attend the ONE thing that most people find the most difficult to master is their ’45 second promotion’   Yes, 45 seconds to say what you do, how it helps others and how to find out more   It’s a classic time frame used by most advertisers on

February 27, 2016

Mark Bennett gives testimonial following a rapid sales training session

I recently ran one of my rapid sales training sessions and Mark Bennett from Impact Apprenticeships found it very beneficial. In fact he enjoyed it so much AND gained insight into how to increase rapport with anyone he meets he kindly gave me the following testimonial …     If you or your team would

February 16, 2016

The 5 to 1 rule for success

I recently added the following to my Facebook page because I’d been asked by my fellow therapists to explain the 5:1 rule and how it can be applied through a story …   I’d been asked by a number of therapists to explain what the 5:1 rule is and how it can be used to

February 8, 2016

Change your beliefs to change your life

  Did you know that your beliefs are mainly ALL made up?   And if that is the case, if you have any ‘limiting beliefs’ that are holding you back in your life you can quickly change them to ’empowering ones’ by following a few simple rules   You see, ALL beliefs are made up

February 3, 2016

The Sir Terry Wogan Winning Formula

I recently received this letter from Jonathan Jay and felt it was so good, it had to be shared. So with their permission I include it fully in today‚Äôs post …   Hi Gary,   Like the rest of the country, I was sad to hear on Sunday that Sir Terry Wogan had passed away.