March 15, 2016

Quick Tip from Gary … How To Ensure Your Youtube Video Doesn’t Encourage Your Viewer To Leave Your Site

Hi everyone,   On this brief video I go through how to ensure your Youtube video doesn’t offer ‘other videos to watch’ to your viewer when it finishes – otherwise the temptation is to click on the different choices allowing the viewer to leave your site     Just a quick tip from me to

March 14, 2016

The power of persuasion at Arbonne’s Leadership Day

In a short, sharp humourous presentation I shared my thoughts on how to motivate, persuade and keep the fun flowing when growing a business with Arbonne     The audience were fantastic to work with, positive and energised for success   To find out how I can present to you and your team just call

March 11, 2016

Success … It’s An Inside Job – An Exposé of hypnosis in business

At a recent 4N networking meeting, held in Corby, I went through (in a conversational way) my insights on hypnosis and how it’s used to create more slaes, profit and profile for the people who use and apply these simple but very effective techniques …     As always, your feedback is welcomed either below

March 7, 2016

How champions deal with not winning – Conor McGregor reveals his mindset

  Conor McGregor was defeated in the second round of a very heated UFC contest. See how he answers the questions around the defeat and how he spins it to what he’ll do ‘next time’   Classically he decided to ‘celebrate the event’ – how many times have you done that when you haven’t succeeded

March 1, 2016

Jeffrey Hayzlett sends me a copy of his book Think Big Act Bigger

  Wow, it was the sound of the thud as the padded envelope hit the floor that got my attention   Best selling author, Jeffrey Hayzlett had picked me out of the 1000’s of followers he has on twitter to be the recipient of his book (signed at that!)   I promised to send him